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Munich DYNAMO 57 Trainers

£79.00 GBP £99.00 GBP

The X is revitalised with the Dynamo model and the city underfoot. The Dynamo sneaker has a retro design and provides maximum comfort, inspired by some of the brand's iconic models and bringing together the most athletic and sporty styles from across the collections.

Do you want to have clean and shiny MUNICH? Aim, it couldn't be easier! First you must remove the remains of dirt from your shoes with a brush, even an old toothbrush is fine. Rub off and say goodbye to dirt and mud!

After this step you should mix warm water with a little mild detergent and submerge your brush. Once wet, it will be time to start cleaning. Once this test has been passed, it will be important to rinse them with lukewarm water and absorb the excess with a cloth or towel and that's it!